A Project of the USS Constitution Museum

A Project of the USS Constitution Museum

Mini Games

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Limited time to play? Whet your gaming whistle by getting the highest score on a few of these short mini games, taken from the larger Sail to Victory game. You can steer a ship, scrub the decks or shoot a cannon all from the comfort of your computer!


Screenshot of Steer the Ship mini game

Steer the Ship

Navigate Constitution through narrow straits and shallow harbors to reach your destination in this online game. Be careful not to run aground – it’s trickier than it looks!

Screenshot of Rats in the Hold mini game

Rats in the Hold

Test your hand-eye coordination in this fast-paced game to rid the rats from Constitution‘s hold. Be careful, not to hit the cats – they help get rid of the rats.

Screenshot of Powder Run mini game

Powder Run

Quick – an enemy ship is on the horizon! Act as a powder passer and race against the clock to bring gunpowder to your cannon. Can you make it from the magazine to the guns avoiding all the obstacles in time?

Screenshot of Scrub the Deck mini game

Scrub the Deck

Start your day off like a sailor and scrub the deck in this online game. But be sure to watch out for officers’ boots and birds overhead!

Screenshot of Ready, Aim, Fire mini game

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Firing the guns was not an easy task! It took teamwork and patience for it to be a success. Lead your gun team to victory in this target practice game.

Screenshot of Don't Spill mini game

Don’t Spill!

Sailing isn’t always glamorous work – especially when your superiors ask you to do an unpleasant task like emptying out the chamber pot. The ship is always in motion – better not spill!