A Project of the USS Constitution Museum

A Project of the USS Constitution Museum


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Welcome aboard shipmate! Are you ready for a seafaring adventure? Enlist and experience the life of a sailor.

Sail To Victory

So you want to be a sailor! It’s an exciting life, that’s for sure. It can be dangerous but you’ll be well paid and well fed. You may even see action on the high seas! If you do a good job and stay out of trouble, you might get yourself promoted, earn some spending money and perhaps take the helm one day! And if war does come and you’ve proven yourself, you’ll command your own gun crew. There’s a recruiting station on the docks. You hurry down there now, before the ship sails!

Mini Games

Start your day off like a sailor and scrub the deck. Help your shipmates whack rats in the ship’s hold. Race against the clock to bring powder to your cannon or steer Constitution through narrow straits to reach your destination. Continue your adventure with these quick online games, taken from the larger Sail to Victory game!