Don't have time to enlist for a long voyage? Play these mini-games from Sail to Victory for some quick seagoing action!

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These educational, fun, and printable activities are great for all families! We hope you have already enjoyed A Sailors Life for Me! If you'd like to continue the adventure after the computer is off, we encourage you to use these activities to learn about USS Constitution as a family.

All activities are in PDF format. Click the links to download.

Icon: What Floats Your Boat?
What Floats Your Boat?
How did a massive ship like Constitution stay afloat? Test your theories and uncover the secrets to buoyancy! PDF 3.8M

Icon: Speaking in Colors
Speaking in Colors
Learn the language of the sea and create your own coded messages! PDF 186K

Icon: Word Search
Word Search
Hunt down those tricky nautical terms and learn what they mean! PDF 541K

Icon: Flat Guerriere
Flat Guerriere
Meet Guerriere, a brave terrier that served on board USS Constitution. Read his story and bring him on your own adventures! PDF 3.9M

Icon: Ship's Biscuit Recipe
Ship's Biscuit Recipe
Do you think you could eat like a sailor for a day? Put yourself to the test and bake your own ship’s biscuit. PDF 1.2M

Icon: Constructing Constitution
Constructing Constitution
Follow in designer Joshua Humphreys? footsteps and construct your very own USS Constitution. PDF 638K

Icon: Ready? Aim. Fire!
Ready? Aim. Fire!
Do you think firing a cannon on board Constitution was as easy as “one, two, three?” Think again! PDF 7M