Models for Instruction: A Sailor's Life for Me!

The USS Constitution Museum created A Sailor's Life for Me Educator Resources as a vehicle to help educators use A Sailor's Life for Me with their students. There are many options for exploration! A Sailor's Life for Me offers a range of learning materials: primary sources, collections items, hands-on activities, outside resources and stories of real people from the War of 1812. The resources available are flexible, search-able, and the lessons and activities do not always require access to a computer or the internet. Many activities, lessons and supplemental resources can be printed for use.

The Learning Goals of A Sailor's Life for Me will help your students gain an understanding of the War of 1812 and daily life aboard USS Constitution in an active and creative way. Your students will benefit most from a guided experience with an educator; which will include a mixture of activities and lessons suggested for Sail To Victory, Explore Old Ironsides and Meet Your Shipmates. The Educator Resources section suggests activities and lessons for each of USS Constitution's Explore Old Ironsides 27 scenes.

Integrating A Sailor's Life for Me Into Your Curriculum

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to use A Sailor's Life for Me. Because of its flexibility, educators can integrate A Sailor's Life for Me into their curriculum at different levels. Below are important questions, suggestions, and Integration Models in planning your activities in using A Sailor's Life for Me with your students:

Get To Know A Sailor's Life for Me: 3 Simple Steps

How do I find the Educational Materials on A Sailor's Life for Me?

  • Play through Sail to Victory or Explore Old Ironsides on your own.
  • Review the Educator Resources available for particular scenes that you may be interested in exploring with your students.
  • Search for a topic (history, math, science, literary, etc.) that you may want to exemplify in a lesson for students.
  • Note: The majority of educational activities and lessons suggested are designed to be interdisciplinary. They include support materials: primary sources, Sailors' Stories, 3-D Collections Items and offer a wide range of printable documents and images from A Sailor's Life for Me. [Hyperlink to these] We hope the extra resources inspire you to create your own activities. If you do, please share them with us!