Integration Models

Note: Use our Lesson Planning Worksheet in your Planning

(using Sail to Victory as catalyst for learning the War of 1812)

Estimated Time: Several days to a week using interdisciplinary learning

Students explore and play Sail To Victory online as a group or on their own. Before, during, and after playing the game, students further their online learning with facilitated activities, lessons, and homework. The activities or lessons suggested in Educator Resources correspond to scenes students will experience in into Sail to Victory.

  • Examples
  • Before students begin playing Sail to Victory, the educator would first introduce the War of 1812 by exploring the Leaving Home scene in Explore Old Ironsides. Students then integrate a lesson suggested in Educators Resources (students play a character and stage a debate of whether or not to join the Navy, support the war, etc.)
  • An educator could integrate discussion during Sail to Victory play, to perhaps students to share what they have learned about the ship, a sailor, or what they predict will happen as they begin to learn the ropes aboard Constitution during the War of 1812. Have students read with the Journal of Ordinary Seaman Jesse Williams, or about another sailor in our Sailor's Stories.
  • During game play, the educator prompt students to explain a choice they have made, define a vocabulary word, or perhaps pose a question to the room – “What did you choose to pack in your sea bag?” Teacher would integrate another lesson: Students play a role as a sailor or the purser in choosing what they would think would be best to include in their own sea bag.
  • During game play, when a student first visits “The Head” scene in Sail To Victory, they stop and complete the Overheard at the Head activity suggested in the A Sailor's Life for Me Educator Resources.
  • During game play, have students watch the battle narration of USS Constitution's battles with HMS Guerriere, HMS Java and the HMS Cyane and Levant. Explore Sailor's Stories or collections items and primary sources to supplement student's knowledge of the battles during the War of 1812.
  • After game play, the teacher would engage students in a conclusion activity available, increasing students’ understanding of the War of 1812 by connecting game experiences to more formal curriculum knowledge and skills. Students could work with primary resources, images or Sailors' Stories to complete a research project based on a single sailor, a family left at home, or a merchant who was alive during this period.

(using Explore Old Ironsides or Meet the Crew as a catalyst)

Estimated Time: Several classes, one full day

An educator uses scenes in Explore Old Ironsides to introduce the War of 1812, USS Constitution, and A Sailor's Life For Me. Educators explore specific scenes with students in order to introduce activities and lessons that teach specific elements that they want to highlight in their school's curriculum, or specific objectives or subjects they want to teach. Moderate integration could also include students playing Sail to Victory with fewer facilitated activities or lessons (see High Integration).

  • Suggestions
  • Use our Educators Resources Search Feature to find specific topics, age-appropriate activities, or types of resources (artifacts, primary resources, etc.). The activities and lessons that you find supplement a specific Explore Old Ironsides scene. View the individual scene, which will help further your selected lesson with other suggestions.
  • Play through "Sail to Victory" on your own time, and note specific games or topics that you would like to highlight, using our "Lesson Planning Worksheet".
  • Here are some suggestions of our favorite "Annotated Scenes":
    • Captain's Cabin (Topics: Science and Using Artifacts to Teach)
    • Sailors Eating (Topics: Math and Health)
    • Wheel (Topics: Engineering, Technology, and Navigation)
    • Gun Deck in Battle (Topics: Literature and Writing, and Primary Sources)
    • Battle (Topics: War of 1812, and Primary Resources, and Using Artifacts and to Teach)
    • Sailors Aloft (Topics: Creative Writing and Hands-On Learning)

(using Explore Old Ironsides as an enhancement to activities or lessons)

Estimated time: 1 class period

An educator uses a single lesson suggested by our Educator Resources to introduce a concept or objective and/or to further a concept already presented by the teacher. Students can Explore Old Ironsides or Meet the Crew individually or as a team, and the educator uses a quick activity to reinforce a topic, introduce, or conclude their exploration.